VR/AR Tannery

Imagine you are watching the drum rotation live, adding chemicals or organizing the leather work in tanneries from your office. Quite similar like an airplane simulator, giving you the opportunity to feel like a pilot for a moment, we are giving our customers the possibility to try out how it really feels to work in a tannery with Hüni systems. Our VR simulation enables us to offer the customer insight in the products and processes. Also, it is more than useful in trainings and it can serve to train new employees highly professional but with low costs. By creating the VR App, we have the possibility to present the entire tannery and its components. It's not just a headset that introduces us to another reality. It gives us an opportunity to get involved in the whole process, without additional costs, to minimize errors and maximize professional approach. Additionally, we are offering AR solutions, that could also help you to get familiar with all the additional details of each product and process. Augmented reality is giving us the opportunity to show individual products so real that we can look inside the drum. What is special about the usage of these technologies is that it helps our clients to simulate the production process according to existing or future production layout and defined or desired capacities.

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