Over 100 professionals in the Hüni Group of companies assist you in drums, automation, design, planning and turn key projects for tanneries. Hüni has been present in the industry as tannery itself and developed to one of the best-known suppliers in the market. Founded in 1728, our Hüni tannery has been tanning on the lake of Zurich in Switzerland until the late 1960’s. After making these necessary experiences , the company was then transformed into a supplier for Process Control equipment to the worldwide tanning industry. After enormous success and hundreds of automated drums in a few years only, we then started with wooden drum production in 1988 followed by the production of PPH drums later in 2003. Today, Hüni is clearly the leader in Drum Process Controls as well as in Drum Technology. With patented drum configurations such as the PPH Premium JUMBO Drum, we are the most innovative drum producer, offering products that no other supplier can!
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