Wooden Traditional Drum

Best quality materials combined to reach longevity.
For our wooden drums we use only first quality African timber.
Movingui has become the standard timber we use for our drums for many years now.

Automatic Door

Automatic door is the part on the drum which we use on drums for loading or emptying leather.


Crown is a structural drum element that serves as both body reinforcement and an axle for smooth rotation and also serves as gear for power transmission

Drain Valves

Drain valves are used for emptying fluid from inside of the drum

Inside view

Various inside configuration available, mostly done according to clients request.
Various options available.

Standard Shelves

Standard shelves are drum elements that create centrifugal effect for efficient leather tanning


Pegs are drum elements used for efficient leather tanning

Pump out System

Pump out is the system used for smooth water flow to and out of the drum

Washer Grate

Washer grate serves as a separator between the leather and water going to and from the drum

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