PPH Basic JUMBO Drum


Basic JUMBO Drums are highly reinforced drums with 4 long shelves inside, permitting
usage of increased volume of the drum with a substantial higher loading factor.
Best Tanning performance in our PPH drums where various recycling and heating
options are offered as per clients request.
Hüni has introduced a completely new unique production technology of PPH Drums.

Drum Body

For our wooden drums we use only first quality African timber.


Cross is a structural drum element which serves as body reinforcement and also as an axle for smooth rotation.

Rotary air Coupling

Rotary air coupling is our solution for transferring pneumatic signals to rotating drum.

Inside view

Hüni offers besides our standard peg/shelve combination any inside configuration required.

Jumbo Shelves

Reinforced long shelves for increased volume, higher loading and more efficient process

Pump out System

Pump out is the system used for smooth water flow to and out of the drum

Washer Grate

Washer grate serves as a separator between the leather and water going to and from the drum

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