Cooperation with LANXESS

Leather chemicals manufacturer Lanxess has announced that the next stage of the ReeL (resource-efficient manufacture of leather chemicals) project will be the commercialisation of the concept.

Upscaling to produce the container sized modules, process control specialists Hüni will partner Lanxess on the initial customer projects and focus on plant engineering and construction of the modules.

The X-Biomer INSITU technology was developed by the Lanxess's leather business unit in partnership with the German companies Invite and Heller-Leder, where recycled shavings from the leather manufacturing process are used to produce the X-Biomer retanning agents on site. To date, six X-Biomer product types have been developed and a range of other applications are in the research pipeline.

X-Biomer is a fundamental element of Lanxess’s Sustainable Leather Management programme.

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